Two bottles of Icelandic plant oil aroma - Icelandic Diffuser

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Two bottles of Icelandic plant aroma. The bottles are 2ml and are a fantastic addition with all types of lava jewelry. Lava absorbs the aroma extremely well and you only need a small amount for a long lasting aroma each time.

----- About Lyng -----
Lyng – Heather is a popular Icelandic medicinal plant used to treat sleep disorders, breathing problems and also to treat nervous exhaustion. It has a mild soothing aroma.

----- About Blóðberg -----
Blóðberg – Mother-of-Thyme is a plant that grows all over Iceland and has been used as a medicinal plant since settlement. It is said that blóðberg can heal and strengthen the tendons and that it can heal the common cold. It is also said that it can help strengthen and clear the mind.

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